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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for checking out my brand Posh Heat!

It is a pleasure to have you here!


I hope all is well and you were able to receive the product as I intended, if not I hope I can make things as right as possible. I do want to preface that since I am a small business and I work with a product on demand manufacturer making returns have a few conditions. ​

If you received a misprinted, damaged, or defective item. I want to apologize and assist in getting you the corrected item or refund. Please contact me within 30 days of receiving the product and send me a photo and description of the effected item and areas. This will help me get the item corrected and/or make changes for future products. 

If you ordered a product of the wrong size or simply have buyers remorse, unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a refund. Since we are a product on demand small business each product is made specifically for you to reduce waste consumption, a leading cause of todays environmental crisis. Fashion is all about being creative and transformative and I always recommend to finding creative ways to transform you garment by reaching out to me or your local tailors for inspiration.

Nonetheless please feel free to reach out! 

Thank you for being here! Get in Touch!

1 League #61022 Irvine CA 92602-9998

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