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Hello! My name is Nikhil Kapoor and I want to welcome you to Posh Heat!


I started this brand in 2020 2 months after the beginning of lockdown while getting ready to take the MCAT. I was taught by the world that in order to pursue a career in medicine every other interest comes second. Posh Heat was my way of proving that wrong and growing my interest in designing and creating unique clothes for bodies like mine. I still pursued my passion in the sciences graduating with a BA in Biochemistry and Molecular biology. Till today I want to show the world that the dichotomy of pursuits can live in harmony. 

Posh has always been associated with things that are unattainable to common folk. They defined a higher class and way of living exclusive to the public. It’s time we redefined posh to be an inclusive character in life. For far too long the plus size community has been on the back burner of the fashion industry, serving us scraps of creativity on the excuse that it is more profitable. Posh Heat is my stance against the exclusive industry bringing color, design, and storytelling back into the art of accessorizing all bodies. Even basic pieces deserve the same attention and detail as any other piece of clothing.

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